English and maths courses help Andrea to get her dream job

New Year campaign - Andrea Hunt (2)

Andrea Hunt, age 45 from Chesterfield, left her office manager job in an engineering company where she had worked 20 years, to completely change her career and follow her dreams of becoming a nurse.

She had always wanted to be a palliative care nurse but thought that university wasn’t for her because she felt she wasn’t academic enough. In the last 3 years of her job she says she lost all motivation so decided to take positive steps to making a change.

Andrea had a son at 19 and had always built her life and career around him. She had progressed at work with the qualifications she gained at school but when she did some research she realised that she would need to update them to change direction because certain employers and universities wanted more recent exam results.

She joined college to study for her maths and english GCSE as the first step towards studying for a nursing qualification.

Before she started college she said she hated maths and was dreading it but knew she needed to do it. However, Andrea is now a maths convert and says the course has completely changed her mind. She is even encouraging her friends to join the course!

Andrea is also working as a healthcare assistant at Ashgate Hospice to give her some relevant work experience that will help her when she is qualified.

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