Engineering students challenged to find search & rescue solutions

Adrian Edwards - Lowland Rescue Engineering challenge

Lowland Rescue has challenged engineering students at Chesterfield College to come up with a solution that will help them to improve the success of search and rescue of missing people.

Vice Chair of Lowland Rescue, Adrian Edwards, came to college last week to kick the challenge off.  He gave students an enlightening view of the work volunteer teams do up and down the country every day and spoke to them about the challenges the terrain and the equipment can pose.

He told the level 3 and level 5 students:

“We are looking for engineering solutions for real problems which could help us save lives. We want to explore ways of getting to people and giving them the care they need quicker. That could be by improving communication, narrowing down our search area or having sturdy and reliable equipment that helps us to carry out a search in difficult terrain. I am looking for something unusual and radical but effective.”  

Students quizzed Adrian about the types of search the Lowland Rescue teams would do and in what circumstances to give them a good insight into the uses their designs would have to cope with. They asked questions about logistics and practicality to help them formulate ideas about the solutions they needed to come up with.

The students will compete in teams against each other to design and build the best solution from now until February when they will show case their work and a winner will be selected. 

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