University course close to home helps Carey change her career.

Graduation 16 Carey Douglas

Congratulations to Carey Douglas who has graduated today with a Foundation Degree in Children’s and Young People’s services. This is the first step on the ladder for her to secure a dream job as a teacher.

Carey has always wanted to teach but was looking for a way to earn and get the qualifications she needs to start a new career in teaching. She says the course at Chesterfield College was the perfect way to combine working and studying. The fact that the course was on her doorstep helped her to juggle the demands of two jobs and manage her academic work load too.

She told us: “When I started the course I was working as a Nanny to three children but the qualification was a work based degree so I volunteered at a school to give me the experience I needed to support my studies. The school then offered me a Teaching Assistant position so now I am doing that full time as well as being a Nanny. If I’d have gone to another university I just wouldn’t have been able to fit everything in.”

“Because the course is accredited by the University of Derby I got all the benefits of studying close to home with the same access to the facilities and research materials of a bigger university. I have really enjoyed the foundation degree and I am really keen to continue with my studies.”