Lauren's foundation degree gives her the confidence to go further

Graduation 16 Lauren Newson

Lauren graduated with a foundation degree in Psychology and Health Studies from Chesterfield College.She discovered her love of Psychology in the second year of her A Levels when she decided to study the subject instead of ICT.  When she left school, she didn’t feel ready to go to university and move away from home so was undecided about her next steps until she discovered the option to do a foundation degree at Chesterfield College.  

She has already started studying for the top up psychology degree at University of Derby which means this time next year she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science qualification and she is even considering a Masters degree after that.

Lauren told us:  “Some people might be under the impression that studying at Chesterfield College is an easier option or even doesn’t get you to the same standard as going to other universities but now I have joined 3rd year students at the University of Derby I know that my studies so far have put me on a par with them. The work experience element of the course at college has also been invaluable.”

“Smaller class sizes and the amount of support I could access was really useful to ease me into studying at degree level and has given me the confidence to go much further with my studies.”

Lauren is keeping her options open in terms of a career but would eventually like to use her qualifications to make a difference to adolescents in schools. 

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