Foundation degree is the first step towards a dream job for Emma

Graduation 16 Emma Pellow

Congratulations to Emma Pellow, who graduated today with a Foundation Degree in Criminal Justice.

The course at Chesterfield College University Centre at Tapton has been the start of many exciting new projects for Emma. Not only is she studying criminology for a final year at the University of Derby and training to be a magistrate, Emma is also volunteering with the police force and has spent time volunteering in a prison too. On top of her graduation she is also celebrating after finding out she was graded in the top 10% of year 1 and 2 social sciences and humanities students by the University of Derby.

Two years ago Emma didn’t imagine that studying for a higher education qualification would open so many doors. After suffering anxiety and leaving her job in pastoral care in a secondary school because of ill health, she was looking for a new challenge. She had always wanted to go to university but didn’t have the confidence. When she realised she could study in her home town in a college where class sizes were small and there was a lot of support, she jumped at the chance.

Emma told us what her graduating means for her:

“Doing the foundation degree gave me the chance to do something I had always dreamed about but didn’t think I was good enough for. Studying at Chesterfield College changed all that. The support was brilliant and the small groups made things easier. The fact that I could come to university on my doorstep meant I could fit studying around my family.”

“Coming back to university when you are older means that you are 100% committed to the course. I had the drive and passion for it and could see this was my chance to shape a career I really wanted. I don’t think if I had studied at 18 I would have had the same approach or even picked the same course. Life experience counts for a lot and makes you more determined.”

“Graduating feels amazing, if a little nerve wracking, but more importantly it proves what I am capable of and it’s another proud moment to share with other students on the course too. When I start applying for jobs I know my studies here, and all that it has helped me achieve, will put me in a good position to do something I love. ”