Peter Jones Enterprise Academy students rev up prestige car sales

PJEA Chesterfield College students Josh and Jake

Josh Elfleet and Jake Hallas from our Peter Jones Enterprise Academy recently secured their first prestige car sale as part of their business created for the course.

Part of the course encourages entreprenuerial skills and Jake and Josh used their passion for cars to drive their business, Platinum prestige cars. Buying classic cars and restoring them in the two days a week they aren't studying, one of their first purchases, a Porsche 944 which they lovingly restored, has sold for a good profit, fuelling their appetite to grow the business.

Josh says "The course is great becuase it's given us the opportunity to create this practical application of the business theories we are learning. We have another car we are restoring at the moment and then we'll take stock and see if we can really push the business forward as we've now created a full business plan as part of our course."

Below is a before and after of their first car sale, great work guys!

PJEA Chesterfield College students Josh and Jake Car Before PJEA Chesterfield College students Josh and Jake Car After