Giant poppy recognises Armistice

Armistice Day Poppy

To pay their respects this Armistice Day, 100 years on, a collaboration between our Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication and Welding, Electrical Engineering and Vehicle Accident Repair/Respray students has resulted in some very impressive sculptures/pieces of art that are now looking for a home!

Working as a team, Mechanical Engineering machined component parts such as the commemorative plaque along with Fabrication and Welding who produced the leaves/petals and then constructed the sculpture itself before Vehicle Accident Repair students painted the final construction. Electrical Engineering then provided the final touch with a light fitting which uplights the sclupture.

Vehicle Accident Repair students didn't stop there however, creating a commemorative scene on a car bonnet through some very skillful paint spraying work.

Greg Proffitt, Fabrication and Welding Lecturer, runs through some key names to recognise in the building of the piece, "A big well done must go to the Hope Construction and LaFarge Tarmac apprentices who we teach, they played a massive part in putting this together as did the students from the other areas, every body played their part.

"The plan is for the pieces to be shown at the World Skills Show Finals in November but after that we need to find a home for it so we're open to suggestions anywhere locally that it won't shut away, it will be for all to see. Anybody who would be happy to have it as an installation, please get in touch with us on 01246500500."

Pictured are students Chris Batty,Ryan Stafford, Liam Garner, George Woodward, Dan Repton, Jack Nuttall alongside tutors Peter Jepson, Chris Wright and Greg Proffitt.

On Armistice Day itself the rest of the College came together to hold an impressive display in the Heartspace, watch the video below to see our students in action: