60 seconds with...Deputy Principal - Julie Richards

Julie Richards

Name: Julie Richards

Job Title: Deputy Principal

Education: Every day is an education

Family: Husband Steve, daughters Helen and Ellie, grandchildren Harry and Madeleine

How would you explain your role to an alien? A privilege

If you weren’t what you are, what would you be? A full-time mum

Who inspires you and why? My father, he always succeeds and does the right thing even in the face of adversity

I love my job because.... we can change lives and raise aspirations to succeed

What do you wish you’d invented? A cure for dementia

What I’m watching and listening to? I’m watching our enrolment and achievement numbers whilst listening to Richard Hawley

I’d be lost without my… Family

Friends would say I’m… A workaholic

My indulgence is… Horses

The best place to eat and drink is… Ramsey’s Dubai

I’ll tell you what annoys me… Unfairness and rudeness

What makes me laugh is… Madeleine’s ballet

My last holiday was to… Madeira

I am currently reading… Matilda by Roald Dahl (with my 7 year old)