Martial arts sessions are a big hit for Health & Social Care Students

H&SC students do kickboxing sessions

When students signed up to do a Level 3 health and social care course at Chesterfield College they didn’t expect to see Martial arts on the timetable but having spent 8 weeks learning the ropes of kickboxing they are glad it was. 

Thanks to a partnership with Dave Cartawick, local Martial Arts expert, owner of Unit 1 and Coach of the Year at the 2015 Active Chesterfield Awards, students have experienced a new sport, learnt new skills to help them complete an assignment and they have also discovered unexpected benefits too.

Student, Chloe Baskerville, age 18 told us: “When we found out we were coming to do kickboxing not everyone was keen. We did it as part of the course because we had an assignment on exercise and mobility to do. Some students didn’t have any experience of exercise that they could use to help them with the assignment so these free sessions helped to fill that gap. When we got here though we realised that the sessions are really good fun and brilliant exercise. It’s great to do something new. In fact, 2 people from our course have started coming to kickboxing in their own time too.”

H&SC students kickboxing 2

Student, Hannah Birks, age 18 said: “The sessions at Unit 1 have been brilliant. It’s a really good break in the middle of the week. We go back to college for a theory lesson after the session and you can tell how energised everyone is. I definitely concentrate better after a kickboxing session.  I think it’s brought people out of their shell too. We’ve all got lots more confidence and I’ve had chance to make friends with more people.”

H&SC students kickboxing 1

Will Hughes, College Sport Maker at Chesterfield College said: “It’s great to hear that the students got so much from these sessions, not only in terms of engaging in regular sport but developing self-confidence, discipline and decision making that can apply to their work inside and out of college. Thanks to Dave at Unit 1 for making it possible to give them this type of sporting experience.

“We have all sorts of opportunities for students across college to take part in sport and physical activity but working with organisations in the community helps to give us more choice and encourage participation outside of college as well.”