Former College student demonstrates incredible digital autopsy

Roger Stevenson-Revill Digital Autopsy lecture

Digital Technologies students at Chesterfield College have been wowed by a former student who returned to demonstrate the incredible technology involved in carrying out a digital autopsy which avoids the need for an invasive post-mortem and helps to gather vital evidence to help seal convictions in criminal investigations.  

Roger Stevenson-Revill, now the IT and Systems Manager at Malaysian based iGene, the company behind the cutting edge technology, grew up in Matlock and studied for a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies at Chesterfield College more than 20 years ago. He went on to earn a BTEC HND and BSc in Computer Science at Derby University before starting his working life in ICT in the education, commerce and healthcare sectors.

A packed lecture hall, full of the digital experts of the future, was fascinated to hear about Roger’s role in developing the technology that had been used to create a system which uses advanced X-ray hardware coupled with the latest 3D imaging to create an intricate exterior and interior image to investigate a range of issues, from cause of death to bullet trajectories.

Sheffield is home to one of the three facilities, in the UK offering the digital autopsy service at the moment but to satisfy growing demand there are 12 more facilities planned by the end of 2017.

Roger told students about his career path and what skills he feels they will need to make their mark in the industry. He said:

“It was a pleasure meeting the current cohort of Digital Technologies students who clearly have a passion for the subject. It’s great to show them where a career in ICT can take them. Although I went to university I actually had a really bad time at school so College was a welcome alternative and I never looked back from there. Coming back here, I’ve seen an incredible difference in the place. It has fantastic facilities for anyone looking to get the vital technical skills that the industry needs. The College seems to be keen to develop the other skills that students will need to make them employable too such as compassion, professionalism, customer service skills and excellent time management.”

James Thomson, Digital Technologies Career Pathway Leader said:

“It’s our job to give people the skills they need but we also need to inspire them to use what they have learnt. When ex-students come and share their experiences of life after college it leaves the students with something to aim for. Roger has really made our students think about where they might be in 20 years. What a fantastic opportunity to show people where their skills can take them and what an impact on society digital technologies can make.” 

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