Student helps East Midlands Ambulance Service to save lives

Alex Waring Community First Responder with EMAS

A young Derbyshire student who helped to teach his peers about the dangers of careless driving is now ready to help save lives in his local community. 

Teenager Alex Waring attends Chesterfield College but volunteers with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) as part of the Chesterfield Community First Responder group.

At only 19, he has successfully undertaken training so he can perform lifesaving treatment at medical emergencies such as heart attacks and cardiac arrests and is now one of the youngest to qualify.

“Every second counts when someone has a serious illness, however people in the community are unaware that we exist and it is vital that the local people do" said Clay Cross resident Alex.

“Before paramedics arrive to carry out advanced clinical treatment, simple interventions can be undertaken that save lives or prevent disability- and that is what Community First Responders (CFR) aim to do.”

“CFRs provide vital lifesaving care in their local neighbourhood or workplace and I’d urge anybody interested in making a difference within their community to join their local scheme or consider setting one up.”

The CFR groups are run by volunteers who give up their spare time to attend appropriate 999 calls.

An on-call CFR is dispatched by EMAS at the same time as an ambulance, but because the volunteer lives in the local area of the incident, they can be the first on the scene providing essential treatment while ambulance crews travel to the location. 

Public Service student Alex recently helped organise a dramatic car crash simulation that took place outside Chesterfield College.

Alex Waring becomes a Community First Responder

Designed to show what can happen when a driver is distracted and loses concentration, the demonstration included casualties who needed urgent medical attention.

Duncan Hadley, Incident Commander for EMAS during the event, said: “Alex did a great job of providing a running commentary to the students watching the event and the emergency services taking part.

“I’d like to thank him and the rest of the students involved in putting on the demonstration that is aimed at making our roads safer, and I wish him all the best in his role as a CFR.”

For more information about becoming a Community First Responder, please visit the East Midlands Ambulance Service website or for the chesterfield responders please visit