Inspired for a brighter future

Graduate Leah Whitfield

Leah Whitfield, age 21 from Clowne graduates today with distinction grades in public services and feels that her time at college inspired her for a brighter future. 

Leah started at Chesterfield College 5 years ago and has worked her way up through the levels of study to be graduating with distinction grades. Leah would be the first to admit that when she started 5 years ago she didn’t expect to get to this point or have the focus that she does now.

She said: “It feels amazing to be graduating today. I know it is a cliché but the Public Services course at college has really changed my life. I went to college after school because I didn’t really know what else to do. At first I wasn’t interested but slowly I started to realise what I could achieve if I made the most of being at college. Things we were doing started to inspire me and I started to get some focus and see how my experiences and what I had learnt could make a difference. I really enjoyed the modules we did on policing so I started to think that this was the career I could make a go of. I got involved in neighbourhood panels and became a Police Service Volunteer. My next step is to become a Special Constable and I know everything I have learnt and all the experience I have had because of the course will help me to get there.”

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