Building a new career in construction

Graduate Catherine Baker

Congratulations to Catherine Baker, age 22 from Chesterfield, who graduated with an HNC in Construction

Catherine’s dream as a child was to be an Architect but she had to rethink her career plans when she realised that she didn’t enjoy some of the aspects required for Architectural Engineering. She enjoyed working with clients so went for the job in a bank as a stop gap. After a few years, redundancies were announced which forced a rethink and a desire to get a job closer to her original ambition. She started work as a surveyor’s assistant and realised that this was her way in to a career she enjoyed.

She told us; “I always wanted to be part of something physical. I wanted to drive down a street and be proud of the role I had played in creating the buildings that I could see. Being made redundant probably did me a favour as it made me follow my passion and not just accept a job that paid the bills. I didn’t want to be a surveyor’s assistant for the rest of my life but I needed to find a place to study that I could fit around work. The course at Chesterfield College was brilliant because it was so local. The HNC gave me the opportunity to take a qualification in manageable chunks as a mature student. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to move on to degree level. I have just started a full time degree at Coventry University so in 2 years I will be a qualified graduate surveyor and then I can start working towards chartered status.”

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