Civil Engineering graduate climbs the career ladder

Graduate David Ford

Congratulations to David Ford, Age 45 from Alfreton who graduated with a HNC in Civil Engineering.

David works for Derbyshire County Council and as part of his ambition to progress in his career and his professional development he studied at Chesterfield college for his ONC and then moved onto do an HNC at the Tapton Campus. He told us “Studying to this level has helped me get ahead at work and in life. It has helped me to climb the career ladder and up the payscale but more importantly I can see how it has given me a better understanding of all aspects of civil engineering. Doing the course also encouraged me to be more confident in my ability. Lecturers helped to do this but it was also the camaraderie with other students of all ages. We learnt loads from each other and it made me realise that age is no barrier. ”

“I chose to study at Chesterfield College because the course offered what I was looking for to help me get ahead at work. I compared it to other colleges that I could travel to but I preferred the whole package at Chesterfield.”

“The next steps for me are to spend some time applying what I have learnt doing my job and then I am keen to start a level 5 management course.”