The future is bright for business graduate

Graduate Ruth Burrows

Congratulations to Ruth Burrows, age 47 from Alfreton, graduated from Chesterfield College with a BA (Hons) Business Management and Management Studies degree.

Ruth is a mum of 3 who had always worked around her family in administration roles. When her husband was facing redundancy she decided the time was right to develop her skills so that she could apply for jobs with a higher salary to strengthen the family’s options and take the pressure of her husband as the main bread winner.  She started to look into Business Management courses that would give her the option to apply for management jobs.

“When I explored my options I was told by some that my previous qualifications were too old to qualify me for a Higher Education course. Chesterfield College offered a foundation degree and took my work experience into consideration and gave the option to top up the foundation to a full degree. This was a big help but I was also impressed with the content of the course and the fact that it was all module based and no exams – I think I would have been put off if I’d have to do exams at my age!  It was comprehensive and I knew it would give me lots of options at the end.”

 “In the final year of the course, my father-in-law lost his battle with cancer and my husband was made redundant in the same week. It was tough to keep going but the support of staff and students on the course helped me through it and I am so proud to be graduating with a first class honours degree; It was worth persevering though. The day after graduation I am starting a new job as a Business Development Manager for a Masonry Consultancy company. I would not have achieved this job without my degree and everything I have learnt over the last 3 years. It feels like an exciting new start!” 

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