Public services graduate is on his way to his dream job

Ross Chatterton

Ross Chatterton, age 22 from Killamarsh in Sheffield, graduated from Chesterfield College with a HND in Public Services. He always wanted to be a paramedic. He struggled throughout his school years and worried that his academic ability might affect his chances. At the age of 18 he came to college to do a public services course and was diagnosed with dyslexia. After the diagnosis, Ross got support with his studies and started to shine as a student.  He graduates with distinction and has got a place at  university on a highly sought after paramedic course.

Ross said: “I used to volunteer with St John’s Ambulance which is where I realised that I wanted to become a paramedic. Without the Public Services course I can’t imagine how I would be starting a degree that will help me get my dream job. The HND at Chesterfield College has given me a brilliant background in public services with practical experiences and the theory that goes along with it. It wasn’t just about what we learned in a classroom either. There were so many other opportunities at college to develop my skills and I am sure that being able to demonstrate how I have mentored others and took part in the NCS programme is what helped me to get the place at university.”

“Being a paramedic for the Air Ambulance is my ultimate goal but there is a lot of hard work ahead to get there. I know hard work pays off though. I never imagined I would be capable of distinction grades but I am really proud that I managed to achieve that. I can’t wait for the next bit of my studies. Each step is getting me closer to my dream job.” 

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