Top Tips - A Level Results Day

A Level Results day

A level results day is nearly here.  

Whether you are counting down with glee or feeling pretty nervous right now here is our useful guide to preparing for results day and handling the news when you open that envelope!

Be prepared!

Find out what time you can get your results - Chesterfield College students can get theirs at 9.00am on THURSDAY 13th August 2015 in the Heart Space

Do a bit of research

  • If university is the next step for you, get to know how the UCAS admissions and clearing system works. Take a look at their web site for more information so you know what to do on results day
  • If you are planning more studies at college or you are starting an apprenticeship for next year find out how your results will impact on your plans.

Relax – the hard work of exams is over and worrying won’t change the results. Whatever the outcome there will be options open to you.  If you are getting anxious try and plan activities you enjoy in the run up to results day so that you have something else to focus on.

Get some rest – You need to be fresh as a daisy when you pick up your results so that you can enjoy celebrating or have a clear head ready to work out what your options are if there are any results that surprise you!

Eat well – fuel your body for the day with a good breakfast!

Don’t forget to take:

  • A mobile phone fully charged – Parents and friends will want to know how you did and of course you’ll want to take those #resultsday15 selfies.
  • UCAS/uni letter with details of your conditional offer
  • Contact details for the university of your firm university or college offer
  • Tissues – There may be tears of joy or tearful goodbyes to teachers and friends that are parting company!

How did you do?

I did better than I expected

Congratulations! You will probably have your university or college place confirmed and might even be able to adjust if the better grades mean that you can apply for another uni or course.  See the information on UCAS’s web site for details about how to do that.

I got the grades I needed

Well done! All that hard work paid off. Your grades probably mean that your next steps are all mapped out. If you are applying to uni don’t forget to check UCAS’s Track to see the status of your offers. If you are about to start an apprenticeship or a new job your employer will be delighted. If you have decided to stay at Chesterfield College for your next level of study we look forward to seeing you in September.  Whatever your next step we wish you well!

I didn’t get the grades I was expecting

Don’t panic! There are still lots of options open to you and our guidance team will be around to give you advice on results day. If you have applied to university, you might still have got a place. Check UCAS’s Track to see the status of your offers. If you haven’t got a place you can enter the clearing system or think about a gap year to retake your exams and reapply the following year. You might also want to consider studying in a different way.  Apprenticeships and foundation degrees can help you to get the qualifications you need.