Media Makeup students converse about the positive and productive environment

Orla Kendellen and Tyler Boyce are both learners on our Media Makeup Level 2 Course. They both have different styles and specialisms when it comes to their makeup looks but often work together to use each other’s strengths. It was great to hear about their passion for the art and positive experience on the course. Likewise, their friendship and the positive environment the group has created for each other.

Tyler and Orla - media makeup

Why did you choose the Media Makeup Course?

Tyler: “I chose media makeup as I’ve always had an interest in creativity. I originally thought of fashion and theatre but landed on makeup as it’s the one I’m most passionate about.”

Orla: “I chose makeup as I’ve always been interested in it from a very young age. My mum is a very glam person so I’ve always enjoyed the full glam look. Technically, it’s my strength. On the media side, I wanted to try something new and push my abilities. I knew the Media Makeup Course was the best opportunity to do this as it covers every area from pantomime to body paint and prosthetics. I knew I wanted to keep pushing myself and see how far I can go.”

What have you enjoyed most this year?

Tyler: “I have enjoyed all of it. The pantomime was great fun. We did the makeup for the students that were performing in Cinderella. We learnt how to work with another department and I’m quite big into theatre so it gave me a great taste of that. I would love to go into a theatre background. I got to work on the wigs and pantomime dame makeup. This week we are doing the Addams family makeup.”

Orla: “Making new friends and having a fresh start. That’s all I wanted when I left school. Theres been challenges but all of our class is close and we all help each other. Working with other departments has been a great work experience and we can add that to our hours too.”

Has anything surprised you about the course content?

Tyler: “What surprised me was that I was learning without realising. I loved it from the get-go, and when we got tested on the theory I realised how much I had learnt. It’s not just about applying basic eye shadow in basic places. You learn about skin types, skin conditions, hair types and polypeptide chains. It teaches you so much.”

Orla: “The theory has surprised me. I think it’s my strong point. I’m also shocked at how much we have done in one year. Even with my own day-to-day makeup, I have changed how I apply it. I couldn’t have done the step-sister makeup without Tyler and he couldn’t have done the lashes without me.

We are all so close, and we all have our individual strengths so we can help each other out. My strong point is eyeliner and lashes so I help people with theirs. Tylers is drag makeup, so when blocking brows and doing techniques I haven’t done before, Tyler helps me.”

Tyler: “Teamwork is a big thing in the industry. You are inspired by others and learning from others constantly. You then work with each other ideas to create looks.”

Orla and Tyler - media makeup

What are your plans after completing the Level 2 course?

Tyler: “We are both going onto Level 3 next year. We are excited to do special effects. It focuses more on character creation. It’s for tv, film and theatre and a one-year course.”

What are your big end goals?

Orla: “I have had a placement at a salon in Bolsover called Pretty Sins. They came in for an employability talk and I really liked their concept. I took on a placement there, focussing on clients and promoting their products. Pretty Sins make their own makeup, they are makeup scientists. It helped me think on the spot about skin types and what products to use to achieve certain looks.

One day I would love to have my own salon. However, after college I think I am going to go freelance, working in all types of fields whether it be panto or weddings etc. I don’t want to be sat waiting for clients to come in.”

Tyler: “I know I want to do theatre makeup. I want to do Drag at night and in the day, show makeup. I will either go to university or maybe into an apprenticeship after college. Experience teaches you so much.”

How important is your social media presence?

Tyler: “People contact us on social media and we have clients come into college. Our online presence is our portfolio. We post on what we do in and out of college. We get given briefs and post our progress. The exam questions refer to our social media posts. Briefs such as British values, cirque du Soliel and 60’s makeup. We also had a module working on hair and how to style specific hairstyles and looks.”

How have you found the support from your tutors?

Tyler: “Support from our tutor Kerry has been lovely. She explains things so well and if we need her she is there. College is great.”

Orla: “I agree with Tyler. I struggle with my mental health so having that support has been so helpful. Kerry has been so understanding, I completely different experience to school. We are treated like young adults. I’m so much happier here.”

Tyler: “The keep-warm sessions were great. They calmed our nerves and we got to know who will be on our course. We got each other contact details so we could talk over the summer.”

Orla and Tyler: “We recommend the course 100%, it’s so varied. You learn so much.”

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