Level 2 Cutting Students Celebrate Success

This afternoon we had the pleasure of chatting to four Level 2 Technical Cutting Services students who all received Distinctions.

All four students agreed that they hadn’t expected such a high grade in their qualification. Charlie Boler said:

“I wasn’t expecting it. I thought I was going to get a Merit so it’s really motivating to get such a high grade.”

The students told us that one of the best parts of the course was the excellent support they received from their tutor Julie. They stated:

“We’ve all decided to stay on for another year to get the full qualification for colouring and cutting. We don’t have to stay on but our tutor Julie has made us want to stay on.

We love her, she’s amazing! She’s really helpful, if you’re ever struggling with anything she’s always there to show you her way and to give you help. I think that’s what really pushed us to do our best.”

All four students had different motivations for getting into the hairdressing profession. Tilly Mogford said:

“It was my mum that pushed me to do it and I’m really glad she did. I didn’t know what to do but she pushed me into something that started out as a side hobby, that she thought I’d really enjoy and I have. I’ve loved it.”

Charlie’s motivation came from his time experimenting with hairdressing techniques at home. He added:

“It was during lockdown that I started getting into hair. I was so fed up of being inside doing nothing so I started practicing on my mum. I started doing highlights and practiced lots of techniques on her, that’s how I realised I wanted to get into hairdressing.”

The group told us that next year the course will move away from cutting techniques and towards a focus on colouring hair. Tilly explained:

“Next year will all be about chemical services. We’ll still be practicing cutting and styling but there will be lots of colouring and perming. I’m really excited to transform someone’s hair from black to blonde.”

We also spoke to the group about their dream career in the future. Half the students had plans to specialise in certain areas of hair. Sydnie Adams said:

“I want to become a fully qualified hairdresser but I want to specialise in extensions so, on the side, I’m already doing a course. I want to do micro and nano beads. Eventually, if I become fully qualified, I can offer hair extensions and then do the cutting and colouring afterwards.”

Charlie added:

“I think I’d like to get into colouring but I guess that’s something we’ve not had that much experience in yet. I’d also love to get into the marketing side of things, possibly working with companies like ghd to make new products.”

The other half of the group told us they’d love to get into mobile hairdressing, as this would allow them to brighten up the day of people who may be lonely or unwell. Tilly said:

“I want to be mobile for residential homes and people who can’t get out the house. My family have experienced it with my mama. She’s become disabled and would love to get out to a salon but she can’t. I know how much it brightens her day when the hairdresser comes to her house and I want to be that special person that brightens someone’s day.”

Beth Kitsull added:

“My nana has dementia and she has a hairdresser that comes out to her and that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Especially when you go to salons and realise that, for some people, the hairdressers is the first time that week that they’ve gone out. For some, it’s the first conversation they’ve had if they don’t have someone to talk to.”

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