Level 2 Beauty Therapist’s Industry Placement has grown into a part-time job

Courtney Foster, a Level 2 Beauty Therapy student has recently completed her industry placement at The Pamper Shack in Chesterfield. She had such a positive experience and made such an impression, that she now works there part-time with her own client list.

We spoke to Courtney about her placement and how it has enabled her to not only pass her exams but boost her confidence in herself and her career ambitions.

courtney foster

“I enjoy doing eyebrow tints, facials and individual lashes the most. On the industry placement, I’ve done eyebrow tinting and waxing, sets of lashes and I’ve had clients in for facials so it’s really boosted my confidence.”

Courtney tells us about how she found her Industry Placement and why she chose The Pamper Shack.

“I made a post on Facebook asking friends and family if they’ve got any local salons that are willing to take on a student from college for a Level 2 Placement. A few people recommended The Pamper Shack. Straight away from the photos and posts, I could just tell, wow, I’m going to fit in here, it was amazing.

We messaged on Facebook and spoke about the placement, the dress codes and how it will all work and what ill be up to. I gave her a ring to sort the days and I came in for my first day on a Friday and it started from there.”

“When I first got there, I got shown round, health and safety and the stock. I got asked what I wanted to achieve from the industry placement. At first, I started practising on mannequins, then clients came in. When I had my first facial, I was a bit nervous but my mentor talked me through it, stood there with me and set all the products up in the right order. She really supported me with it and I felt confident with that. I’ve now started doing facials on my own”

Courtney has been putting her skills into practice and she also learnt new techniques that she’s taken back to college and shared with her peers to help them too.

“I’ve taken some of the skills I’ve learnt at College to The Pamper Shack and they’ve used a few things I’ve taught them. We help each other out a lot. The Pamper Shack has helped me with my confidence, treatments, and the skills I’ve taken back to college have got me through my assessments and I’ve helped other students out too.

They gave me a Saturday job there and I’m taken on my clients and doing facials. I want to start looking at brow lamination but I’m going to stick to facials for the time being”

When you first start any job, in any industry, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to improve on. Courtney has taken this in her stride and absolutely smashed it.

“The first time I did my facials when the client left, my mentor told me that I was absolutely amazing and she said next time, try to be more firm when massaging. I took her advice and improved a lot.

Honestly, if I didn’t go to this placement, I definitely wouldn’t have the confidence I have now to do treatments. It helps you when you are doing your theory too. You can answer questions on what to do when you’re talking to a client and the phone rings, you just have more knowledge on it all. I’d definitely start as soon as you can”

Courtney has her whole career plan sorted out and we can’t wait to see her running her own salon in a few years.

“I want to be self-employed after a few years and then hopefully become a salon owner.”

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