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The Careers Leader who is responsibility for the careers provision at Chesterfield college is Katie Tarrant, Director of Career Planning and Progression (01246500500 ex.1210), Roy Mason is the Careers and Admissions Manager (01246500500 ex.1214).

No one can predict the future. However, by reviewing Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) and talking with employers, it is clear that the jobs market of the future is likely to be significantly different to the one we know today and will present a new set of challenges to young people.

It is important that we stimulate young people now to think about the type of skills and experience they may need in the future.

By supporting your school we aim to raise awareness of the opportunities available to young people in order to enhance their technical and professional education prospects, and help them to develop the skills needed to prepare for the world of work.

We have developed a menu of activities that are available as part of the Bespoke Careers Service to best meet, or enhance, the current careers and employability offer of your organisation.

These activities can be delivered across year groups in different formats to meet students’ needs from Year 7 to Year 13.

Individual Careers Guidance Interviews (usually 45-55 minutes)

  • Explore career ideas
  • Work with potential NEET students
  • Identify areas of strength/areas for development
  • Explore progression options
  • Introduction to careers research software, such as Careers Coach
  • Support for Post 16 and 18 applications
  • Interview preparation
  • Action plans outlining actions that need to be taken
  • Follow-up to ensure that students have completed these actions


  • Researching career options/related careers and the importance of career planning
  • Post 16 and 18 applications, including support with the UCAS application process
  • CV Building
  • Working with local Labour Market Information (LMI)
  • Where to find useful information for student transitions Post 16 and 18
  • Raise awareness of Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships
  • The importance of Maths, English and ICT in career progression
  • Employability

Voluntary Work & Work Experience

  • To raise awareness of the importance of voluntary work and work experience in terms of skills development
  • How to access opportunities and what to expect from the experience
  • How to prepare for meaningful engagement

Attendance at Careers Days, Organisation of Mock Interviews & Employer Talks

  • The Careers Adviser can support events held at the school to ensure that they are developed/delivered to meet the students’ needs
  • Liaise with employers to conduct mock interviews
  • Arrange for employers to deliver talks within their field of expertise around the world of work

Other support available

  • Attend parents’ events
  • Options evenings
  • Exam results days
  • Support for 6th Form Students as appropriate around UCAS applications and progression to University

Evaluating, Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting

  • Evaluating groupwork sessions and 1:1 interviews via feedback forms and focus groups to ensure students’ needs are being met
  • Produce a termly report for the school in order to demonstrate impact
  • All Year 11 and Year 13 students asked to complete a questionnaire to support tracking


What current customers have to say:

In September 2016 we took the decision to procure the charged careers service from Chesterfield College. Changing service provider was a very important decision and one which was given serious time and consideration as cost is a huge concern. However, it is paramount that we have a qualified, personable, skilled and flexible adviser in school, and I am pleased to confirm that we are completely satisfied that we have ticked all these boxes. Louise works very hard to ensure our students receive an excellent CEIAG experience, she is very thorough and she is very much ‘in tune’ with the type of students we have at Bolsover. Many of the staff in school have commented on how well Louise fits in with the school community, and many students have expressed how helpful and supportive Louise is. I can very much let Louise get on with her job as she requires very little support or direction being very proactive and having a ‘let’s get on with it’ approach. Plans change quite frequently in school, but this is never a problem as Louise is more than happy to be flexible and do whatever the job requires. Louise carries out 1:1 careers guidance interviews, she supports with group work, attends ACE evenings and supports me in planning for events such as National Careers week. In summary, at this stage we are pleased to confirm that we are satisfied with the service we are receiving from Chesterfield College, but I do think that this is very much down to the fact that we have Louise as our careers adviser.

Debbie Crossley – The Bolsover School

‘Danielle has provided a highly valued service to our students this year. All Y11 students have had the opportunity for 1-1 guidance interviews and many have taken advantage of the lunchtime drop-in service for help with applications or asked for follow-up support. She has engaged well with groups of vulnerable students and liaised with other agencies to support transition to Post-16 provision. Action plans are shared with key staff and indicate that the guidance provided is impartial and relevant. Danielle is well known by staff in school – Form tutors and other staff regularly make referrals. Events such as Y10 Mock Interview day and a presence at Parent evenings also help to promote her role in school.’

Tracy Horton – Careers Coordinator Shirebrook Academy


Contractual commitments from us

  • The College will provide a suitably trained Careers Adviser from an existing pool of staff, making new appointments as necessary to meet demand.
  • The Careers and Admissions Team Manager will be directly responsible for line management of Careers Advisers, and will carry out Performance Development Reviews and monthly 1:1s in order to ensure consistency and quality of service delivery.
  • Termly Management Observations by the Careers and Admissions Team Manager to quality assure the work being carried out. The School Coordinator may wish to be involved in this process in order to provide feedback and help to shape delivery to meet the needs of the School.
  • Regular meetings held with the school to ensure the service is meeting student and school needs and to identify the opportunity for further developments.
  • Termly and annual reports are produced and shared with the school to constantly review suitability and the impact of the service.
  • Monitoring of feedback by all service users to inform practice and future development.


Want to get in touch?

Please contact Roy Mason to find out how we can support your students, or to arrange a meeting.

Roy Mason, Admissions and Careers Manager, Chesterfield College, Infirmary Road, Chesterfield, S41 7NG

01246 500500 ext. 1214, Mobile 07796 276202



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