Higher Education Admissions Policy

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The aim of this policy is:

1.1 Chesterfield College is committed to ensure transparency, consistency and fairness through its admissions policy and procedures.

1.2 The Higher Education (HE) Admissions Policy is aligned with Chesterfield College’s Strategic Plan. It is informed by the mission and values of the College, the needs of its students and those of employers.  It is also informed by the policies of our collaborative partner institutions.

1.3 Applicants are chosen on merit and based on the recommendation outlined in Fair Admissions to Higher Education: Recommendations for Good Practice by the Admissions to Higher Education Steering Group.  Admissions procedures are designed to allow all applicants equal opportunity to demonstrate achievements and potential.

1.4 The College is committed to recruit students from groups under‐represented in higher education generally by:

• Providing adequate support for students who might otherwise not be able to access higher education.

• Providing substantial advice and guidance to our own level 3 students to encourage them to progress to higher education.

1.5 The HE Admissions Policy is guided by the principles outlined by the Admissions Policies: Guidance for Higher Education Providers, SPA, August 2014 and by the Quality Assurance Agency’s UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Chapter B2: Admissions (2014). The processes for admissions vary for different groups of students but this policy covers all routes for admission and aims to be fair to all of them.

1.6 The College will operate procedures that are fair to all applicants regardless of age, background, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, pregnancy or maternity and compliant with relevant equality legislation. Policies and procedures will be equality impact assessed and reviewed annually by the College’s Higher Skills Governance Board.

Chesterfield College actively promote equality of opportunity, set out in a range of legislative and statutory instruments.

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