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The decision young people make from an early stage in their careers and education can have a big impact on their future career choices and happiness.  As parents you have a vital role to play in supporting your child with their next steps and future career choices.

Young people today have more options than ever.  With an ever-changing workplace landscape, it is even more important for them to make informed choices for their education, training and employment.

At Chesterfield College and beyond, there are many progression options that your child can consider.



Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to your child to earn whilst they learn and gain valuable industry experience.

Apprenticeships can be taken in a wide range of industry sectors and provide entry to all types of careers, including accountancy, administration, IT, Content Creator, management, Engineering plus many more.

View our range of apprenticeship standards here.


Progress to the next level of current course or a different subject

At Chesterfield College, we have many different courses available for your child to progress on to weather that be in the same or similar subject to the course they are currently studying or something completely different.

From January 2023 onwards, your child’s personal tutor will start talking to your son and daughter about their next steps and can advise on the progression options available to them.

Check out our range of courses here.


Higher Education

UK higher education (including Chesterfield College) offers a range of courses and qualifications, including degrees, foundation degrees or Higher National Diplomas.

Click here for information around our University Centre.



The world of work can be an exciting option. Remember, if your child chooses to go down this route, they should not rule out future study at a later date.

If your child does plan to get a job after college, encourage them to think carefully about the kind of work they want to do and the reasons for doing it.

For more information, email our Careers Guidance Team via


How you can help

  • Encourage your child to speak to their course tutor – they can provide advice on the progression options available to them.
  • Make an appointment to speak to our Careers Guidance Team at Chesterfield College – they will be able to answer any questions you or your child may have and talk you through the options available.
  • Outside of College hours, encourage your child to find out what courses, apprenticeships, jobs and other training opportunities are available.
  • Encourage your child to explore all of the learning options available to them.
  • Make the most of open day opportunities here at Chesterfield College.
  • Talk to your child about careers they are interested in. Find out what they know already and encourage them to visit the careers library to find out more.
  • Get involved with their plans. If your child is planning to go to university, they need to plan carefully. They should think about; what subject/s they want to study, which institutions offer relevant courses, whether the program of study suits them, whether they want to study close to home or move further afield and whether the campus offers other facilities which are important to them e.g. sports facilities. Our dedicated Careers Guidance Team can also support you and your child with this.

Knowing where to start when supporting your child can often be quite daunting, however, there is plenty of help at hand at Chesterfield College.  Should you require any help or support in supporting your child with their progression options please contact our Careers Guidance Team via

You can also attend the various open days we host throughout the year. Click here to head over to our events page and find out more.