Ways to Study

There's so much jargon going around, that we thought we'd try and make things a bit simpler for you. There's loads of types of courses you can study at Chesterfield College - you just have to decide which is best for you!


If you would like to stay in learning full-time and prefer more work-related, hands on qualifications,our Vocational courses are for you. You will learn career specific skills, whilst at the same time working towards a qualification which can lead you into a job or to university.

A Levels

If you’re interested in 3-5 different subjects, prefer academic study, exams and coursework then ALevels are for you. They can also be a popular route to university. 


If you have had enough of classroom-based learning and would like to earn money whilst still working towards a qualification and learning workready skills, one of our Apprenticeships would be perfect for you.

University Level

Studying with us at University Level basically means just that! We offer courses that you can find at many universities but at a very reasonable cost - plus there's no need to move away or any of the other associated costs of Uni! We offer a variety of courses including Foundation and Masters Degrees, allowing you to take your studies that little bit further. We offer these courses on both a Full and Part Time basis.

Professional Courses

We understand that you may return to education on a part time basis for a number of reasons. It may be to develop your skills for an existing job, or gain new skills for a change in your career. It may be to achieve qualifications to get into university, or it may simply be for personal interest.

Whatever your reason for returning to education, we deliver a range of courses at all levels from beginners to postgraduates in a flexible way that can fit in with your work/life commitments.