Health and Social Care student has her heart set on a career in Paediatrics

Jasmine Messenger talks passionately about the Level 3 Health and Social Care course here at college. She explains her future plans and what inspired her to pursue a career in the industry.

Jasmine Messenger Health and Social Care

Jasmine was inspired to study Health and Social Care after her cousin’s positive experience at college.

“I wanted to be a nurse since I was little. My cousin also inspired me as she did the course and told me that she had an amazing experience. She’s now doing Radiography, so she’s got quite far in her career with it. I like learning about disorders, were doing it at the minute and I find it quite interesting. You learn about all the different types of disorders and how they can affect a person. I enjoyed the placement that I did on the course which I found interesting. The placement was based in my village, so it was only a two-minute walk which was very convenient for me.”

The level 3 learners are looking forward to their experience on the cadetship next year.

“I want to go into children’s nursing, specialising in mental health. I did health and social care at GCSE, and I enjoyed that, so I knew I’d like it at college. Next year I’m going to do another placement doing a Cadetship where you can go to a hospital and do a few days of training. Me and my friend are doing one next week which our tutor has put us forward for and hopefully next year they are putting us on a different ward, so we can experience a range of distinct roles and environments.”

It’s important to think ahead and start planning your career.

“I knew I wanted to come to college, I didn’t want to go to Sixth Form as I didn’t really enjoy school. I preferred college as its more coursework and less exams. I am passionate about going into paediatric nursing, so after I finish this course, I’ll go to university to study nursing and then specialise further in a more specific role. I just want to be a children’s nurse; it’s always been what I’ve wanted to do as I have grown up with younger siblings.”

Jasmine spoke about how helpful her tutor has been and the support she was given.

“My tutors have been excellent and so supportive. Whenever I need help, I can go to them, and they will always be there to help me. “

Career talks and industry weeks have really helped Jasmine confirm her career choice.

“We’ve had a paramedic come in today visiting and a social worker talk which was inspiring for me. We’ve had different people come in, but I’m only interested in children’s nursing. It was still educational to know what they do as a career.”

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