HE Support for Students

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Student Services and Customer Guidance Team 

Student Support Services and the Customer Guidance Team is located on the ground floor at Infirmary Road, behind the main reception. At Chesterfield College we have a dedicated team of staff to help you before the course starts and whilst you are a student:


Support for HE Students  

Student Services
• Advising on financial support for further and higher education
• Helping you if you have a personal problem
• Welfare


Customer Guidance Team
• Helping you to decide which course to study
• Offering careers advice to help you progress after the course has finished

1. Deciding what course you want to study
If you would like a confidential discussion about your study options, you can make an appointment to see one of the College Careers Advisors.


2. Sorting out loans and grants
The College can recommend this booklet on all aspects of financial support for higher education learners. Once you have read this information if you are unsure what to do next, then please make an appointment to see one of the Advice and Guidance team. The team can advise you on completion of the application form.

 HE Courses: Guidance for Fees and Funding

3. Advising on additional learning support
If you have a disability or learning difficulty you will need to make an application for a Disabled Student Allowance (DSA). You are advised to do this well before the start of the course. For example, you may be entitled to specialist equipment, a signer or extra support if you have dyslexia, but you will need to provide evidence in the form of a statement of educational needs. If you would like further advice on the DSA, please make an appointment to see the Senior Student Services Advisor in Student Services.


Please be aware when discussing financial issues that every case is different, for many students, particularly mature students with family commitments, the process of making an application and attaching documentary evidence can be time consuming.


4. Help if you have a personal problem
All higher education students have a personal tutor. If you have an academic or personal problem this is normally the person that you would go and talk to in the first instance. Sometimes students need to talk to a counsellor who can listen and offer a new perspective on their situation. The College counsellors are based at Infirmary Road – you can make an appointment through Student Services.


5. Offering careers advice to help you progress after the course has finished
The College Advice and Guidance/Careers Advisor will, by invitation, come and talk to each group of higher education students, normally in the second year of their course. Individual students are welcome to make an appointment to discuss careers opportunities and progression routes for example onto a final level honours degree. Many tutors will encourage you to attend University Open Days to discuss progression.


Student Services Reception - 01246 500535
Advice and Guidance Reception - 01246 500500





Can help with


Contact details – to make an appointment

Student Services


Advice on bursaries, DSA, Assessments and specialist equipment


Jo Down
Jackie Topham - ALS Team Leader
01246 500535

Advice and Guidance/Careers Team


Decisions relating to course options, HE loans, bursaries and grants, careers and progression


Customer Services Team
01246 500500