HE Support Resources

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Learning Resources and Technology 


Learning Centres:

Library Learning Centres are located at Tapton House and Infirmary Road Campus. These provide pleasant environments in which to study and conduct research, with a variety of accommodation. Substantial collections of printed books and journals are offered, complemented by a wide range of electronic resources including 1000s of ebooks and online journals. A large library of online digitised videos is available for classroom use and independent study. Most online resources can be accessed from home.


Resources to support HE

Computer Facilities:

There are open access IT Learning Centres at each site. The College’s computing facilities are excellent with industry standard software and IT support which is regularly upgraded. The College currently has a Windows XP network supporting a wide range of professional packages.

All students have free access to the internet and email facilities, and the College’s Virtual Learning Environment enables students to access course materials and information on-line, day or night.


Partner libraries:

Students on courses validated by other educational institutions such as Leeds Metropolitan University and Sheffield Hallam University also have the opportunity to make use of their Library Learning Centres if required. Visits to partner university libraries can be arranged.



Case study: Sarah 


Foundation Degree in Health Related Fitness



Sarah studied the Foundation Degree in Health Related Fitness. Originally coming to college to do a Level 3 course, full-time mum Sarah decided to stay on and make the transitions into higher education. The course has been challenging for Sarah balancing her family life with the coursework, but she believes it will be a great benefit to her career plans. “I’ve really enjoyed learning more about health, fitness and the lifestyle choices that people make and how it affects their bodies. It has been a juggling act at times with the coursework and my children, but it has been a great experience.”


Case study: Sarah