Harry Brogan has already gained on stage experience in Sheffield productions

Harry Brogan, one of our second-year Performing Arts students spoke to us today about where his passion for the arts started. He told us about how his knowledge progression has allowed him to secure roles in local theatre productions in Sheffield. We are excited to see how Harry gets on with the HNC and what doors open from the qualifications he has gained.

harry brogan - performing arts

Cats the Musical, inspired Harry to explore the world of performing arts.

“I love musical theatre, everything about performing and all the arts. Its always been a passion of mine to do performing arts, ever since I’ve been young. I think what really actually inspired me to go and do performing arts was Cats the Musical. I remember I was in the hospital for an operation and my Mum surprised me with Cat’s tickets. I was absolutely amazed by the production and dancing. It inspired me to want to perform.

Our course has allowed Harry to learn about behind-the-scenes and on stage.

I did musical production at school and I played a few main roles in some of the productions. At Chesterfield they make you think about what goes on behind the scenes, such as the directing and other worlds within the arts as well as the performance side. As I am interested in both, I wanted the full experience of being on stage and behind the scenes.

What stood out for me is the dance. I love singing and acting, they are my favourites, but the course has changed my opinion about dance. I wasn’t really into it before college but I am more involved now and I have found ways to cope with dance. I am enjoying it more.

Harry’s confidence on stage and at auditions has noticeably improved.

Singing lessons at college has taught me how to audition in particular or many different ways. It really helped with my confidence, ability and voice. I am getting auditions outside of college. I did Elf at the Sheffield Lyceum in 2021 and Sunshine on Leith last year with a local theatre company. I am hoping to get onto the current production. It’s a really good group of people, they are an amateur dramatics group and they do one big show a year. They are one of the top groups in Sheffield.

Harry has taken part in multiple productions in Sheffield, this is incredible for his portfolio and CV.

Previous to college I was involved with Evolution pantomimes at the Sheffield Lyceum. I was in Peter Pan with Wendy Peters and other actors and actresses on TV.

After this course, I am hoping to do my HNC or a foundation year. After that, I will do a ‘top-up’ course at university. I want to get much experience as possible and make sure I am able to go into the world of performing.

Harry explains how great the tutors have been in the department.

The tutors have been so helpful, supportive and always there. They get you to find new ways of learning and it helps so much with our progression.

I am still figuring out my end goal but I really love performing. This course has opened my eyes to other avenues within performing arts, so there are lots of options.”

Harry started a blog in lockdown, reviewing and talking about West End and local theatre productions. He has interviewed actors/actresses about their performances and written about their experiences on his blog. Find out more and read his latest reviews here: https://www.harrytheatrelife.co.uk/ 

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