Former electrical engineering student gives advice to those just starting out

We caught up with former Level 3 Electrical/Electronic Engineering student, Luke Richardson to find out what he’s been up to since leaving college and how his qualification and experiences have helped him in his career.


What are you doing now?

I’m currently the general manager at an electrical engineering company where I started as a panel wirer. I have managed to work my way up to this position by always putting in 100% no matter what! I always offered to do the work that nobody else wanted to do; I wanted to make sure that I was actually benefitting the company because if you become invaluable to the company, they will look after you. I was also able to work my way up by listening and learning from those above me, and eventually mastering those skills.


What did you learn at college that has directly helped you in your career?

The course gave me a great foundation; learning the theory behind how and why electrical components work, gave me a greater understanding of what I was seeing and doing in my role at work. The course allowed me to learn on the job at a much faster pace, meaning I could take on more in the company and work my way up. I continue to learn in the industry to this day.


Why did you choose to study at Chesterfield College?

It was actually my managing director that recommended I study the electrical engineering course at college. He had previously studied the course at Chesterfield College before starting at the company.


What advice would you give to school leavers thinking of following in your footsteps?

I think it’s important to always listen to the advice you are given, never assume you know everything because there are always things to learn. I would also say to put in the effort and hard work now, trust me, you will thank yourself for it in 10 years’ time. Finally, never stop – no matter how far away your goal seems to be. Make the most out of every opportunity thrown your way.


What are the three characteristics that make a great engineer/engineering student?

  1. Curiosity with caution (listen and never assume you know)
  2. A desire to never stop learning or adapting
  3. A methodical way of thinking
Published by Nicola On 2nd November 2020

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