Fight The Spike

Sixth Form students who have set up the charity Fight the Spike and campaign around college and the local community, appeared on ITV Calendar last night.
Clea Kapadia
Clea Kapadia, one of the campaigners said, “I didn’t know what was going on, my vision was blurry, I was so disorientated, I didn’t know where I was even though I was in Chesterfield. Everything is just a complete blur. I didn’t realise at the time I’d even been spiked.” 
Sienna Alsop said, “I definitely think there needs to be an agreement across all venues rather than being left to their own devices. Theres inconsistencies and people within certain venues are left unsafe.”
The group of students are passionate about growing awareness and making actions across the community to tackle spiking. They have spoken about fundraising to hand out devices to prevent people getting spiked. By doing so, they are giving people the means to watch out for the signs of being spiked and the steps to make to make sure they are safe.
“We do have a “go fund me”set up and we will have more fundraisers over the year to help us get to the target of £1,000. With this money, we can give away drink covers for free and come up with even more things to make us all safer on a night out.” Clea Kapadia.
Find out more about the amazing work the students have done so far here. Help Fight the Spike! 

fight the spike

Published by leitchj On 5th July 2022

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