Enrolment stages for Beauty

During your curriculum interview visits you will take part in the following activities:

On the first visit you will have the opportunity to learn about the Beauty programmes here at Chesterfield College. You will see a presentation given by members of the beauty team, which outlines the qualifications, what you can expect once enrolled to one of these programmes and where the beauty courses may lead you in the future.

During this visit, you will also have the opportunity to try your hand in some basic beauty therapy techniques during a practical workshop session where your skills dexterity will be assessed for suitability. You will also complete a written task which will be discussed at the event.

You will move on to a 1:1 interview with the team, we will discuss your reasons for choosing the beauty therapy course and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This interview may result in a conditional offer being given.

On this first visit for the admissions process, you will be with us here at the College for approximately 3 hours. Your parents / guardians may wish to join you for the first hour to see the presentation and learn more about the courses here at the college for themselves, however only applicants are required to stay when we go into the salons for the workshop session and interview.

As part of the conditional offer you will be required and invited to attend a taster session for the course you have been offered. During this visit you will meet the tutors of the course and also have an opportunity meet with other applicants for the same course. This event will last for 3 hours dates and times will be confirmed by letter.

During your induction stage, you will have another opportunity to meet the other learners in your group and also try on the uniforms to establish the correct size to order.You will receive information about purchasing the relevant beauty kit along with details of financial support you may be eligible to receive to help with the costs of these items. Attendance at this event will then move your offer forward and from then you will need to arrange to purchase the beauty kit and uniforms which will enable you to complete your chosen course. You will also be given a date to complete your enrolment. Please note these two events may run on separate days or in 1 day.

The process involves being in a practical salon therefore children are unable to accompany their parents to the event.