We pride ourselves on how we work with local, national and international employers to give our students the best opportunities in their future careers and help the employers that we serve flourish.

As an employer there are numerous ways in which you can work with The Chesterfield College Group:

You may have seen the name Learning Unlimited in the local press or online, this is in fact the commercial arm of The Chesterfield College Group. Learning Unlimited has grown to now have offices in Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Birmingham and Manchester. We’re renowned for providing employers with high-quality apprentices, bespoke training and development plans that deliver results alongside comprehensive support that is second to none.

Why do Smith of Derby work with us?

Clockmakers since 1856, Smith of Derby work with us to future proof the skilled workforce they need to continue their success story.

How to take on an apprentice

Taking on an apprentice really is this easy.