Paint & Decorating apprenticeship

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Course Specifics

Construction Trades
Intermediate and Advanced
12-18 months
Interview Required:
Age 16-18 Cost:
No cost
Age 19 or Over:
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Funding Assisted:
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Course overview

Depending on the pathway taken, key units include:

  • Painting and decorating tools and equipment
  • Prepare different backgrounds ready to apply decorative finishing including wallpaper, paint and decorative effects
  • Apply decorative finishes such as marbling and graining, sponge stippling, stencilling and broken colour
  • Apply various types of wall coverings including free match, patterned papers and embossed

Who is this course for?

This Apprenticeship is available at both Intermediate and Advanced level, a member of our Recruitment Team will be able to advise which level is most suitable for you based on your current grades and experience. Applicants to this Apprenticeship could be a mix of age and experience. As a guide, applicants may come from a range of routes including: work or work experience training and/or experience which could include a portfolio showing what you have done, foundation learning at level 1, any of the Key Skills or Functional Skills, Young Apprenticeship, vocational or academic qualification(s).

What other experience will I gain?

Painters and decorators use a range of coverings including paint and wallpaper to enhance and protect surfaces. These surfaces could include plaster, metal and wood. They work on a variety of domestic and industrial projects ranging from re-decorating homes to applying heavy-duty finishes to large structures like bridges.

Where will this lead?

Upon successful completion of the Intermediate level Apprenticeship you can progress to the Advanced level. Following completion of this course you can continue into employment or self employment.

What are my career options?
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