KickStart – GCSE English and Mathematics plus Employability (16-18) – September 2022

Start Date: 12 September 2022
Funding information: Free for Eligible 16-18 year olds. Adult funding available dependant on learner circumstances otherwise course costs apply.
Duration: 1 year
Attendance: Full-time Provision

Course Overview

KickStart is a Level 1, full-time preparatory programme that supports and rewards personal development, resilience and commitment by developing NEET or under developing first year students working towards their goal of gaining entry to a vocational Level 2 programme of their choice.

Core learning of English, Maths and Employability are supplemented by tutorial and sports sessions.

Visits to vocational areas are arranged to assist the students' decisions in future progression onto Level 2 courses the following year, and all students will have a personal tutor who provides holistic care under our ASPIRE programme.

Vocational options may be selected from:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Care
  • Catering
  • Construction skills
  • Dance
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Sport/Public Services
  • Transport
  • Journalism

Wednesday all day, Thursday all day, Friday morning half day

You will take two English GCSE three maths GCSE paper-based external exams with the AQA examining board, alongside a portfolio of classwork-based evidence.

Course Content

KickStart will commence with a two-week welcome induction programme, BKSB diagnostics and ice breakers.

The three day a week programme consists of the following days/times in college:

  • Monday 9:00am-16:30pm
  • Wednesday 09:00am-16:00pm
  • Thursday 09:00am-16:30pm

Students will receive a tiered approach to personal development which allows them to progress at a pace which will offer stretch and challenge, whilst also consolidating achievements and experiences to learning achievement.

This programme contains the following elements:

  • English GCSE – 6 hour’s provision weekly
  • Maths GCSE – 6 hour’s provision weekly.
  • Employability Skills – 3 hour’s provision weekly.
  • Tutorial – 1.5 hour’s provision weekly.
  • Sports – 1.5 hour’s provision weekly.

All students who have not achieved a GCSE A*-4 or 9-4 grade for maths or English will be required to engage with GCSE tuition until the desired grade has been achieved.

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for those aged 16-19 (24 if supported with a current EHCP) who have had limited academic success or who have not met the entry requirement for their chosen learning programme as a result of:

  • Anxiety or social issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Exclusion in previous years
  • Missing large parts of previous educational career due to health issues

  • Being undecided in their choice of career
  • Attending full-time courses but struggling to complete and requiring additional support with English and Maths.

Assessment Methods

  • portfolio
  • examinations


Progression on completion of the course will depend upon individual performance, attitude and attendance with successful learners being offered an opportunity to transition to an appropriate vocational Level 2 programme.

Those wishing to transfer to a vocational area with specific skill requirements may have to engage with further level 1 programmes to develop those skills.

Progression between phase 1 and 2 (Week 6) will be through internal transition within the programme after the first 5 weeks and will be offered based on evidence of good attitude and behaviour, attendance (85% plus), good punctuality and the demonstration of a positive mindset to learning and development supported by positive reports from programme tutors confirming appropriate performance.


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