Basic Engine Management Skills

Start Date: 03 September 2020
Funding information: Course costs apply.
Duration: 2 Days
Attendance: Part-time

Course Overview

This course provides technicians with the skills and knowledge to test and diagnose engine management systems with confidence.

It gives learners a sound working knowledge of all of the components within a typical engine management system and how to test them. So if you're a vehicle technician with no formal qualifications in the automotive industry and want to further your career by gaining a qualification, this course is for you.

Course Content

Workshop based practical tests to build the skills in a step by step manner. You will be able to:

  • Complete tests to prove the integrity of fuel supply sub-systems
  • Carry out diagnostic tests to display diagnostic data and fault codes
  • Interpret diagnostic data and utilise additional settings and functions
  • Describe the working principles of all key engine management components
  • Perform oscilloscope testing to identify faults in components or wiring

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entryr requirements to this course.

Assessment Methods

  • practical assessment


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