Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson“The benefit of studying locally at college has definitely been the flexibility and being able to progress in my career whilst holding down my part-time job. The key thing for me was that college hours were on certain days, not spread out through the week so I could plan my shifts at work accordingly. It also allowed me to fit in work experience and volunteering, boosting my CV and giving me not just the degree at the end of my studies, but the experience to go with it.

Now I’m studying for my Masters Degree in Public Health at the University of Sheffield I can see a real difference, it’s much more difficult to plan work around learning hours as they are spread across the week. If you’ve got lots of commitments such as children or balancing study with a full-time job, studying university-level courses at college is a great opportunity to build the course around you and your needs.

As part of my studies I now have the opportunity to study abroad and I’ll be moving to Copenhagen to finish my Masters Degree. I’ll graduate over there before looking for employment in a public health setting, more specifically working with inequalities and deprivation. I also have the opportunity to progress onto a PhD should I want to, so I could continue my education even further.”

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