Scott Levers

In conversation - Scott Levers and Business Enterprise Tutor Martin Cope

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy student Scott Levers

MARTIN: What attracted you to studying in the Enterprise Academy?

SCOTT: I’ve always been driven in regard to taking a business idea and pushing it forward so naturally the Peter Jones Academy really appealed to me. Doing a vocational course like this allows you to test your own ideas and gives you the ability to try out the theory in a practical situation. Learning in this way helps you to develop logic and reasoning which is so important in business.

MARTIN: It seems your success on the course caught the eye of the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and The British Council?

SCOTT: I’ve found it a fantastic way of boosting my business acumen. The Academy looks at business from a whole host of angles which really opens your eyes as to everything needed to make a business a success. Tutors such as yourself have been a great help too as it’s been nice to have someone with entrepreneurial experience on hand to answer questions and bounce ideas off. Getting to go to Thailand was a huge honour. The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy only selected two students out of hundreds and to be one of those selected to go was an incredible feeling. I learned so much about different cultures and international business which has given me loads of new ideas and I’m sure will help me throughout my business career!