Kadie Cooper

Kadie Cooper - Former Sixth Form student

Former A Level student, now Solicitor at Kennedys Law.

When I got to university, having studied A Levels at college, I felt much more prepared than my peers. I was already used to organising my workload, having in-depth discussions and working independently. Studying law gives you a huge amount of transferable skills. You don’t just have to become a lawyer, your skills are valued in a wide range of careers such as journalism, management or teaching.

Law at A Level was so useful. It gave me a solid understanding of the basic principles which I then built on at Durham University. Had I not done the Law A Level I would have been at a real disadvantage. When I was considering university the college was really helpful, we went on visits to a range of different universities such as Cambridge and Oxford and received great advice on filling out applications and other paperwork.