Aisling Wragg

Aisling Wragg’s interest in how the brain works, as well a desire to carve a career in mental health nursing, is what motivated her to start her A level studies two years ago after her GCSEs. The biology, philosophy and psychology student told us what it has been like to study at Chesterfield College

“After I did my GCSEs I knew what interested me the most and what I was good at so I chose the subjects that I knew I would enjoy and those that would help me most in my future career.  The mix of courses I chose complement each other and will give me a good foundation for studying at a higher level.”

“I think there is still a stigma attached to mental health and part of me wants to make sure that I can play a part in changing perceptions by working in this field. I want to specialise in working with children and adolescents. I’ve done some volunteering work with children in the UK and in Africa which I really enjoyed. It has given me some good experience and has helped my studies.”

“Studying at college rather than choosing a sixth form in a school has definitely made me more confident. The independence and responsibility you are given for your own studies helps to prepare you for university and working life.

“I’ve done some peer mentoring as well, which has been a fantastic experience. I liked being able to support other students in my class and I know I’ve benefited from it because explaining a subject to them has helped me to understand it more.”

“The step from GCSE to A levels is huge. I don’t think I was prepared for how hard it would be but the tutors here are really supportive. I’ve learnt lots of new study techniques and enjoyed working with other students in the group too.”