So where is Chesterfield College? The clue is in the name really! As you might have guessed, we are in Chesterfield. In fact we’re about a five minute walk from the centre of Chesterfield and in the other direction is the train station.

Infirmary Road Campus

The majority of our courses are taught along the main Infirmary Road campus. Here you'll find an onsite Costa Coffee, the dining hall, and the top teaching facilities you need to help take your learning to the next step.

You'll also find what we call the 'Heartspace'. It's the meeting centre of the College, and where we host a number of big events and student activities throughout the year.

Lockoford Lane

If you choose a course within Auto-Engineering, then chances are that you'll be learning at our new Lockoford Lane campus - just 5 minutes walk from the main campus. 

Here you'll have the chance to learn in a fully functional, modern, garage environment, working on real cars with real equipment!

Tapton House Campus

We also have a campus at Tapton House which used to belong to George Stephenson (Google him!).
This is where we deliver a majority of our university level and professional courses so if you decide to progress to this level with us you’ll get to visit this peaceful campus at some point. It’s a little further out from town but is still only 5 minutes from the train station.

Queens Park Sports Centre

In January 2016, the new Queen's Park Sports Centre opened its doors to the public and to our students. In partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council and Sport England, the College has invested in Queen's Park as a new, state-of-the-art facility for our sports students to benefit from. Our Sport and Wellbeing Academy, located within the sports centre, includes dedicated training rooms and a range of new equipment and facilities that will enable our students to hone their practical skills and develop their knowledge of the theory behind their studies. 

Sports students are able to interact with members of the public, which provides opportunities to offer personal training and coaching in a real-world environment and helps develop the experience and confidence that employers in the industry are looking for. The Sport and Wellbeing Academy will also benefit students from across College who will have opportunities to use the facilities during their course.

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