Chesterfield College sponsors life-saving equipment used by Community First Responders

Chesterfield College has sponsored vital life-saving equipment for use by the local team of volunteer Community First Responders. The team works in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance Service and the NHS Trust to provide the fastest possible response to emergency calls.

The college donated to enable the purchase of a semi-automated defibrillator and blood pressure kit after one of their lecturers highlighted the importance of the volunteering he does with the team.

When Hospitality and Catering lecturer, Simon Ashton, started volunteering as a Community First Responder he realised that they rely completely on fundraising and donations. He asked the college if they would be willing to support the Chesterfield branch of the volunteer organisation.

He said:

“It is fantastic that Chesterfield College were able to sponsor this equipment. Community First Responders are trained to respond quickly to help people in a medical emergency before an ambulance or paramedic arrives. This equipment can really make a difference and improve the chances of survival for a lot of patients.”

“The kit that each team needs costs around £1,500 and it takes around £300 a month to run the service so it is vital that we get all the help we can. We do lots of fundraising but we also get support from local businesses and organisations like the college, who value the work we do.”

“Ambulances are so stretched so if we get a call out it is because we are nearer and can get to the patient first. We help medically and provide reassurance that more help is on its way. People are pleased to see you and thank you for the help you give them. It is really rewarding and great to be able to give back to the community.”

Kind-hearted Simon gives around four hours of his time per week to the Community First Responder team. He is no stranger to volunteering and is also part of the Peak 4×4 response team who help the community in the bad weather.

Find out more or donate to the Chesterfield Community First Responder team.


Rory the Responder visited college with the life-saving equipment the college has sponsored with members of the Community First Responder Team; Simon Ashton, Mark Wilbourn, Debs Bennett and Tony Brown.

Published by Lisa On 17th April 2019

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