CatchMEup campaign offers free maths and English tuition

A fantastic opportunity has arisen to provide our students with additional maths and/or English tuition throughout this new academic year.

This provision will be offered in small groups with well-qualified maths and English teachers, and initially will be offered as a 1.5hr slot per subject. As part of their maths and English courses students will undertake a BKSB assessment which will allow staff to identify gaps in knowledge and tailor the teaching and learning activities to support.

As students already attend maths and English lessons you will already have access to a full range of online resources and learning materials which will aid their development. These tuition sessions will sit outside of the students normal college timetabled hours and can be offered face to face; or via Microsoft Teams so that you can join from home. There will be sessions available every day of the week at various times. There is also the option of attending a twilight session.

A real commitment will be required to invest your time and effort to achieve your maths and/or English in 2021. It is very important that once you sign up to the sessions that you attend them, and if you cannot, clearly communicate with your ‘catch-up’ tutor. If you are not able to attend that week it will be re-allocated to other students.

If you’re interested in meeting with a teacher and taking part in bespoke sessions then please email with your enquiry. Please state your name, person code (on the front of your ID badge) preference on day/time and we can coordinate the rest.

Published by James M - Marketing Manager On 13th October 2020

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