Business administration apprenticeships develop skills for careers in business

Kian & Kacie are business administration apprentices working at the award winning and expanding courier firm, City Couriers in Chesterfield. We were keen to find out how a business administration apprenticeship is helping to build their future careers in business.

Both apprentices studied business at college before joining the company but say their apprenticeship has taken their skills and knowledge to the next level.

They told us:

What do you do day to day?

Kian: The amount of work I am involved in has grown as the business has grown, so I have had lots of opportunities. I am on the frontline liaising with van collections to make sure things run smoothly. At the moment, I am involved in putting together a presentation to win new business which is really interesting.

Kacie: I keep in contact with the drivers and find them work. I get involved in lots of client on-boarding so I can be writing emails and doing follow up phone calls. I work on accounts and the logistics of getting people to the places they need to be.

What do you like about your apprenticeship?

Kian: Being in a work environment suits me more than being in a classroom.

Kacie: For me it is about the fact that I am learning new things every day and that I have the option to stay here and develop when I have finished my apprenticeship.

What is next for you after your apprenticeship?

Kian: I finish my apprenticeship soon and we have already spoken about potential opportunities to do a university level course. It is really exciting what new opportunities are on offer.

Kacey: I am hoping to stay here after my apprenticeship and study at university level on a relevant course linked to the courier industry.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

Kacie: The main reason I chose an apprenticeship was to be able to get work experience and qualifications at the same time. Employers want work experience and I am getting lots of it. It has made me realise I want to stay in this industry though too.

Kian: When I came in I wanted to learn everything there is to know about business but I know there is a lot to learn. I want to keep going so that if I ever decide I want to run my own business I have the knowledge I need.

What are the main benefits of your apprenticeship?

Kian: When I first started I had no confidence and wouldn’t have been able to speak to people over the phone but now I really feel my confidence has grown. I don’t have a problem speaking to people I don’t know anymore.

Kacie: I didn’t realise the benefits of apprenticeships until I was here. I think people think you get the jobs nobody else wants to do but it is different here; you get so much experience as part of the team. You are engaged with what is going on and you are an important part of the business.

What would you say to other people who are thinking about apprenticeships?

Kian: I would recommend an apprenticeship because you don’t just get a qualification you get all the skills you need for work as well.

Kacie: I have learnt so much by being here. I would definitely recommend apprenticeships if you are a practical person and prefer to learn by doing something.

How are apprenticeships building your future?

Kacie: My apprenticeship is building my future here.  They have told me that there are opportunities to go to university but work at the same time after my apprenticeship. My development is built within the business. My friends who have just gone to university aren’t guaranteed a job at the end of it so I definitely feel that I have made the right choice.

Kian: I am getting work experience, skills and qualifications as well as a guaranteed job and further study opportunities. It is definitely building my future.


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