Auto students speak to us about their course progression

Callum Clarke and Nick Burgar, Level 2 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair students spoke to us about their time on the course so far. They both talk about their interest in the world of auto since a young age and how family members have had an influence on them. It’s great to hear how the industry days have inspired them and their gratitude for their tutors and style of teaching. 

callum and nick - auto students

Why did you choose this course?  

 Nick: “It is what I wanted to do. I applied for level 1 but managed to get a place on level 2. I just liked mechanics and wanted to tinker with things.”

Callum: “I have always had an interest in cars. Since I was little, I have always liked taking things apart, putting them back together and figuring out how things work. When it came to choosing my studies, I couldn’t really think of anything else. It is all I wanted to do.

My family has always worked in the motor industry. My Dad works in a dealership and my Grandads both worked as lorry mechanics.”

Nick: “My Dad has his own business as a qualified mechanic. I have been working with him since 2013. I was roped into the family business, but I love it.”

Nick is in his first year and Callum’s in his second, it was great hearing both perspectives as they are at different stages of their educations. They both “have nothing but praise for college.”

Callum: “I have enjoyed the course. The tutors have been good. The classes are a good size, and you are with people with similar interests. That makes it a lot easier to learn. You are not surrounded by people who do not care about the subject. I am quite close friends with everyone in my class.”

Nick: “I have nothing but praise for college. When I was in secondary school it was really strict. There are rules and regulations you must follow at college, but it is so much more relaxed. It’s almost like a place of work. There is no pressure. You can do work in class and in your own time if you get it done. It is easier to work and learn.”

Callum: “Being able to do something you want to do for a career you feel excited about, makes you feel a lot more motivated. I feel a lot more pressure from myself, not others, to do well. I want to make sure I can get the best qualification, to go into the best career.”

What are your progression plans for next year?

Callum: “I plan to do level 3 or to progress onto an apprenticeship.”

Nick: “I am hoping to get onto level 3 next year but if not, I have an apprenticeship lined up. I’ll see how I get on this year and then decide. But hopefully, I’ll be coming back for another year.”

What is your career end goal or dream?

Nick: “I am wanting to go from car maintenance and repair to motorcycle work. I am looking to specialise and then expand my Dad’s business as at the moment we only work on vans and cars. I worked in a motorbike dealership for 2 years so I’ve been occasionally doing bikes. We are wanting to expand to get more people in.”

Callum: “If there is a particular goal, it would be something within motorsport. Last year for our induction we had the Accelerate British Touring Car team come in for a talk. It was great to hear how the team and car worked. I found it really interesting. Maybe not in the forefront, but in the background working on the car and being the backbone of the team.”

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