5 tips for the day of the exam


1. Have a decent meal

Make sure you avoid sluggish meals that might make you feel a bit tired right before the exam but don’t avoid food all together! Make sure you eat breakfast and stay hydrated. Eating a balanced meal (maybe even treat yourself to a bit of chocolate for the sugar rush) will help you avoid that horrible hungry, loud stomach rumbling feeling during your exam.


2. Make sure you have everything you need

Bring at least two pens with you to your exam just in case one runs out mid-way through your paper. Plus for exams such as maths, you might need additional items including a pencil, calculator, etc. Yes, you can borrow this equipment if you don’t have it but putting your hand up and waiting for it can waste valuable time.


3. Read all the questions carefully

This might seem like we’re stating the obvious but so many people miss out on vital points because they haven’t read the question properly. If the question asks you to show your working, make sure you show it!


4. Stay for the entire exam

Leaving an exam early can be a wasted opportunity. Just because your mates are leaving the exam room doesn’t mean you have to. Even if you think you have finished, stay and read through your answers, again and again, to check you haven’t made any silly mistakes.


5. Don’t spend too long on one question

There’s nothing worse than opening the exam paper and getting suck on the first question, but it happens to the best of us. Read the question a couple of times and if you still can’t recall the answer, move on. If you have time at the end of the exam then you can come back to the questions you’ve missed.

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