5 differences between school and college

The difference between school and college will become apparent from the moment you walk through the front door of our main campus.  There’s a buzz around college that you just don’t seem to have at school; it’s so much more relaxed.  Here’s what to expect if you choose to study at college over staying at school:

1. Environment

The atmosphere at college is so laid back and much more grown up. If you didn’t particularly enjoy school then this is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself to be whoever you want to be. There’s no huge popularity contest; whether you have a large group of friends or if you prefer to do your own thing, you won’t be judged here.


2. Dress code

We don’t have a formal uniform*. We do have a ‘dress code’ to get you thinking about what employers would deem appropriate in the workplace but the days of you and all your friends wearing the same tie and blazer are over. It’s important to note however that some students have to wear protective clothing as part of their course. For example steel toe capped boots in Construction.

*To ensure you’re fully prepared for employment post-studies some courses such as beauty therapy do have a salon uniform that is standard industry practice.


3. Free time

Most of our students are only in timetabled lessons for around three days a week so you’ll have loads of free time to do as you please. You may even have a few free periods dotted around your timetable so you can pop in to town for an hour, hang out in Costa or catch-up with some work in the library – the choice is yours.


4. Independence

At college, you will have the freedom to be independent. You’ll be treated with respect and be trusted to get on with your work. But with independence comes great responsibility – you will be responsible for your own learning meaning you will be expected to continuing learning outside of the classroom.


5. Fun activities

We have a whole team dedicated to making your time at college fun and one that you’ll remember. Our Xtra team offer lots of exciting enrichment opportunities for you to get involved with during your spare time. From organising trips off campus to lunchtime activities, the team have lots going off to help you make new friends, grow your confidence and build new skills.

Published by Nicola On 10th April 2019

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