4 Tips To Help You Overcome Post-Pandemic Anxiety

After two years of uncertainty, social distancing, and mask mandates, we are finally seeing restrictions lifted. However, research says that there are unforeseen post-pandemic effects on our mental health. The UK Parliament recently shared that this mental health impact is a cause for public health concern and that a broader policy approach is needed in consideration of those affected.

One of the most common things you might be experiencing is post-pandemic anxiety. This newfound freedom from restrictions also invokes the dread of having to socialize and go back to college face-to-face. Moreover, you might be feeling extra pressure when you also need to contend with coursework and exams. You can check out our previous blog post on ‘5 Tips For the Day of the Exam’ to help you feel more at ease.

Overcoming your post-pandemic anxiety might also regain your confidence. Read more below.

Set up healthy boundaries

Your foray into this new normal shouldn’t be rushed by the people around you. While some students are confident to resume their activities and meet up with other people in person, you should have the space to set up your boundaries. In Setting Boundaries by Rebecca Ray, she argues that healthy boundaries protect our mental health and well-being. It isn’t just about saying no – setting up boundaries requires you to be more mindful rather than partaking in an activity or interaction where you don’t feel comfortable.

Stop overthinking

Given the past few years, it is normal to feel as if you are drowning in your thoughts. But overthinking only sets you up for a more negative mindset. In Jay Shetty’s Think Like a Monk, he shares how overthinking can be a roadblock in unlocking your potential. He also points out that negative thoughts and habits are normal and that overcoming them improves relationships – not just with others, but with yourself. Stopping the act of overthinking reduces the dread and fear you might be feeling because of your anxiety and can help you perform better at college.

Focus on what makes you calm

During the pandemic, most students might have turned to “lockdown hobbies”. Some took up long-forgotten hobbies while others adopted newly found past-times. Now, maybe it’s time to get back to those things that made you feel calm during the lockdown. You could also try contacting your friends and use your hobby as a positive point of reference for your future meet-up. This will help you look at the future positively. Furthermore, it will keep you calm and focused on your personal happiness.

Consult a professional

For younger people, anxiety may be harder to tackle. So if you think that it is getting more challenging to move past your anxiety, you might want to consider consulting a healthcare professional. Michael James Wong discusses healing and seeking support in his book Senbazuru: One Thousand Steps to Happiness, Fold by Fold. Asking for help is never a weakness. There is strength to be found when you recognize the problem and face it head-on.

Guest article written by Jen Gabbie

Published by James M - Marketing Manager On 6th June 2022

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