Artists in residence at Chesterfield College

11th April 2012
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Chesterfield College is proud to be part of the AA2A project which provides placements for visual artists and designer makers in Higher and Further Education institutions across England. Each artist spends six months in residence at the College and provides 100 of tutoring the students, here’s a brief look at just some of the artists we’ve welcomed…


Liz Linnell


Liz Linell – 


Talented Painter, Liz Linell has had various collections displayed throughout the UK. Having owned a glass painting business in Devon, Liz now resides in Derbyshire and currently uses pastel, acrylic, glass paint and ink on large chipboard panels which inspire their own urban/fantasy scenes.


“I’m delighted to be amongst the artists who've been selected by Chesterfield College to be their artists in residence. The idea is to be available to the students so they can ask questions about our works, working practices etc. For them it’s a valuable window into what it’s like to be a working artist, and for us a chance to share some of what we know. For me, this is a wonderful opportunity to undertake a large mural on coarse chipboard, [OSB] something I can't fit into my studio at home.”


Georgia Peskett


Georgia Peskett -


Urban Realist Painter and Printmaker, Georgia Peskett, has her works displayed worldwide, from Hong Kong to Switzerland. Originally from London she now has a studio in Brampton, Chesterfield and after using the College’s Art facilities years ago, was keen to return, this time using the location as her subject matter.


“I intend to use this unique opportunity as artist-in-residence at Chesterfield College to build a body of prints, using both Intaglio and monoprinting techniques that utilise the information I gather about the college environment. Through visits to different departments, my reference material will include photos and studies of the college buildings and the workings of the building. I want to convey the diverse nature of the study environment and to compose the finished works into a show. As such, interacting with the students has been really helpful and I’ve taken a lot from it, likewise I hope I’ve helped them with their own work and portfolios. It’s nice to be able to point them in the right direction when looking at what life is like as an artist.”


Vicki Johnson


Vicki Johnson –


Vicki Johnson is a freelance artist, screen printer and surface pattern designer. Alongside developing her own practice as a visual artist and designer Vicki has worked on a range of arts projects, residencies and events.


“The staff at Chesterfield College have been really helpful, especially the technicians who have helped me wherever possible. The College is equipped with a large digital fabric printer which I intend to make use of in producing large fabric backdrops for a band. I’m a big fan of these residency projects as I’ve also taken part in one at City College Norwich.”


Kate Sully


Kate Sully -


Sheffield-based professional artist, Kate Sully, works with a range of mixed media often incoporating digitally printed textiles in both 2D and 3D. Kate shows her work at exhibitions around the country on a regular basis. Kate's work explores the world arond us, often manipulating and transforming familiar objects to tell a new story pertinent to contemporary values. 


"My interest in being an artist on the AA2A scheme at Chesterfield College was to explore ideas around how we perceive the world using familiar decorative elements such as doilies and cutter shapes. By developing the work and manipulating imagery and form, through digital printing on to fabric, I have been able to create a new dialogue to suggest that though decorative and colourful the work has more sinister overtones. The residency has allowed me to explore many digital possibilities which enhance and develop the work and make it more pertinent to the idea."